Hollow fiber
Soft contact lenses
Cellulose derivative materials application and development strategy design
Application of hollow fiber in filter element中空纤维在过滤器元件中的应用

Hollow fiber thin film technology can be widely used in the making and production process of high-level filter element.

Soft contact lenses软隐形眼镜

The world’s biggest contact lenses market is located in North America, occupying 41% of the global sales amount, Europe ranks second with 30%, and Asia occupies about 29%.

Asia has many shortsighted people with low usage rate of contact lenses, which will be the high growth region in the future, contact lenses market. According to the materials from Contact Lens Spectrum, daily contact lenses take 33% of market share, traditional and other DPR occupy 21%, astigmatic contact lenses covers 13%, silicone hydrogel soft contact lenses occupies 26%, silicone hydrogel astigmatic contact lenses covers 5%, beauty makeup lenses has 6%.

Cellulose derivative material application and development strategy design


Cellulose Acetate (CA) material strategy design

CA bio-medical application & development

CA derivative bio-medical application & development

Other bio-medical product development

醋酸纤维素(CA)材料策略规划Cellulose Acetate (CA) material strategy design
醋酸纤维素生医应用开发CA bio-medical application & development
纤维素衍生物生医产品开发CA derivative bio-medical application & development
其他生医产品开发Other bio-medical product development
CA生医应用策略规划工服计画CA bio-medical application strategy design uniform design
(I)CA材料之(I) CA material
生医应用产品检索Bio-medical application product search
生医应用产品市场分析Bio-medical application product market analysis
生医应用产品相关技术分析Bio-medical application product related technology analysis
(II) CA材料之基本细胞生物学分析(II) CA material basic cytobiology
细胞贴附性Cell adhesive ability
蛋白质吸附性Protein absorption
CA材料之赋形剂应用评估先期技术授权CA material excipient application assessment advanced technology licensing
医疗级商品料与现有原料之规格平行分析比对Specification parallel analysis and comparison between medical grade commercial material and present material
CA不纤布面膜应用评估工服计画CA non-woven fabric facial mask application assessment uniform design
(I)CA面膜布与现有二种面膜布之平行分析比较(I) Parallel analysis and comparison between CA facial mask fabric and present tow kinds of facial mask fabric
保水力Moisture holding capacity
(II) 面膜精华液方开发(II) facial mask essence just began development
CA材料赋形剂应用开发工服计画CA material excipient application & development uniform design
现有CA原料规格提升至医用规格Present CA raw material specification improvement to medical specification
依USP建立CA原料之检验方法Establish CA raw material detective method according to USP
CA医用规格GMP生产GMP production in CA medical specification
高亲水性CA伤口敷料产品开发工服计画High hydrophilic wound dressing product development uniform design
改质材料试量产Modified material trial production
雏型品制备Prototype product preparation
雏型品生物兼容性分析Prototype bio-compatibility analysis
In vitro/in vivo性能评估In vitro/ in vivo performance assessment
CA-based应用产品开发工服计画CA-based application product development uniform design
Novel CA/HA biocomposites应用开发Novel CA/ HA bio-composites application & development
医用HPMC,CMC,OC应用开发Medical HPMC, CMC, OC application & development
具商机之透明质酸产品开发(真皮层填充剂/膝关节注射液/抗沾黏水胶)Hyaluronic acid product development with business opportunity (dermis filler/ knee-joint injection/ anti-adhering and water resistant glue)
机能性EVOH纤维纺纤品开发Functional EVOH cellulose & spinning fiber development
TPU负压敷料台湾及大陆专利授权TPU negative pressure dressing with Taiwan and the mainland warranty
药商申请Pharmacopolist application
TPU负压纤维敷料山东地区经销TPU negative pressure dressing selling on commission in Shandong district
Kinetic energy of development & future development strategy 发展与未来发展战略的动能

I.Continue exploring cellulose acetate tow technology and development capability.
Due to the advanced production technology of cellulose acetate tow, up until now, there are only several major producers in the world. It has always been a tight market. Our company continues explore the research in technical field of cellulose acetate, strengthen product competitiveness of our product, in order to promote company market share.

II. Actively invest in hollow fiber market 积极投资于中空纤维市场
In the process of much material separation work, hollow fiber membrane detached program has been verified as an efficient and economical tool. Such as when producing potable water, even small-scale factory will get great concern due to the low cost of hollow fiber production; when conduct industrial emissions, compared with traditional methods, hollow fiber membrane detached program has more advantages, because it will not destroy or change the chemical composition of waste water and can be recycled with value. Presently, this method has been widely used and expended with strong potential in the future. By making good use of present experience in cellulose acetate tow, our company will actively expend hollow fiber market and continue explore advanced technology in CA tow, so as to expand business field and create revenue resources for the company.

III. Expand cellulose derivative material application & development 展开纤维素衍生物材料应用及发展
CA material product has got great concern within the industry due to its high added value and good market momentum. Our company will strengthen the cooperation with scientific research academies, concentrating on the strategic design of cellulose acetate (CA) material, bio-medical development of CA, bio-medical product development of CA derivative and other development of bio-medical product.