Employees all attend to social insurance (endowment insurance/ basic medical insurance/ accident insurance/ unemployment insurance/ maternity insurance ) and housing fund, and provide commercial employer’s liability insurance in order to cover the medical fees except the social insurance.
Provide complete labor protection appliance to secure the safety and good spirit of employees.
Provide abundant festival gifts and benefits, as well as generous annual bonus.
Government-supported overseas training and tour.
Scheduled health check of employees by the company.
Provide food and standard dormitory; actively participate in public staff activity such as worker’s sports meeting and so on.
Staff training
Pre-service education and training: For new employees or adjusted employees, in order to help them acknowledge company profile, product and craft processing, corporate organization scheme, position duty, operational regulations, occupational hazard notification, 6S management, daily security, various regulations
Internal education and training: For unit managers, with training qualified personnel having related service experience taking charge of the internal training.
External education and training: According to the need of job or selection of the company, the trainees shall fill in the Education and Training Application Form attached with course brochure, and require the education and training application, then submit to the responsible managers for signature of approval before taking external training.