Pre-service education and training: For new employees or adjusted employees, in order to help them acknowledge company profile, product and craft processing, corporate organization scheme, position duty, operational regulations, occupational hazard notification, 6S management, daily security, various regulations

Internal education and training: For unit managers, with training qualified personnel having related service experience taking charge of the internal training.

External education and training: According to the need of job or selection of the company, the trainees shall fill in the Education and Training Application Form attached with course brochure, and require the education and training application, then submit to the responsible managers for signature of approval before taking external training. 

New recruits training

Talents are the endless power for pushing the company to achieve the long-term achievement. We pay great attention to help new employee to familiar with new working environment. At the same time, we take efforts to train them to grasp the core technics in a short time.

Professional knowledge training

Jinan acetate chemical holds regular professional training including theoretical testing and practical testing aimed at consolidating already known skills and finding problems exist in the work. Supervisors of different departments will arrange seminar to communicate experiences and skills.

Management knowledge training

The company is good at discovering suitbale talents to hold the post of management. Leader of the group decide the whole team performence to some extent. Our company not only attaches importance to top managers training but also fully recognizes the importance of middle managers. HR department make a series of courses to help middle managers make up the lack of management and position their roles.

In-house training

With the training courses, outstanding colleagues from different department also as internal lecturers, they impart the knowledge and experience to colleagues in related fields.


Jinan acetate chemical regularly invites financial experts and technical experts to make the reports in the factory. These reports and communication can prompt the department managers find new methods and come up with the constructive suggestions.

Knowledge management

The company collect many kinds of management and technical archives so that the employee can apply them.