Proficient in product, focus on finding breakthrough.
Product is the core of an enterprise. The product of Acetate Chemical adheres to professional core position and concentrates on the development and promotion of new materials.

For sixteen years, Acetate Chemical has evolved into a major enterprise combining scientific research, production and sales. Because of the advanced technology of cellulose acetate tow, there are only several major producers in the world except our company. Presently, the company has created many scientific results with global advanced level, becoming the only producer of cellulose acetate tow in China with independent property right, and has got many national monopolization.

At the same time, the company consistently develops the application of cellulose derivative materials in new fields, such as consumer goods new materials including: CA material excipients, high hydrophilic wound dressing as well as facial mask non-woven fabric, showing the strong ambition of the company to develop new material in new fields. CA material product has got great concern within the industry due to its high added value and good market momentum. Our company will strengthen the cooperation with scientific research academies, concentrating on the strategic design of cellulose acetate (CA) material, bio-medical development of CA, bio-medical product development of CA derivative and other development of bio-medical product.

Our vision: develop new material, apply into life, become the most valuable supplier in the field of consumer goods.
Acetate Chemical has been awarded with honors including ‘high-tech industry ’,‘top 100 Taiwan-founded enterprises in Shandong Province ’.