Acetek Material Co.,Ltd,a joint venture, established mainly by Jinan Acetate Chemical Co.,Ltd,focuses on producing cellulose acetate flake with superior quality.With a total investment of 30 million dollars,our factory is equipped with latest technology and modern production line.Currently our annual output reaches 20000 tons.In mainland China, we are the second company which can make cellulose flake.

Jinan Acetate Chemical Co.,Ltd,listed in Taiwan in 2015,is specialized in researching and producing acetate tow for decades.We are the first company in mainland China that sells acetate tow successfully to the international market.With trust and support of customers from 46 countries,our yearly exports reach 50 million dollars.

Strong technical strength:
Jinan acetate chemical Co.,Ltd,founded in 1999, is the first Taiwan enterprises in Shandong province that listed in Taiwan, mainly engaged in cellulose acetate tow R & D, production and sales business with independent intellectual property rights protection. With an annual capacity of 12000 tons, it is the first company in the mainland China to successfully market acetate fibers into the international market.

Product Introduction:
Cellulose Acetate is made from purified cotton linters and wood pulp. In the manufacturing process of Cellulose Acetate, natural cellulose is reacted with acetic anhydride to produce Cellulose Acetate, which comes out in a flake form.

Our cellulose acetate flake can be divided into fiber-grade and plastic-grade.


The fiber-grade flake is used primarily for our filter tow.

The plastic-grade can be ground to a fine powder,and then blended with a suitable combination of plasticizers and additives and melt compounded to get cellulose acetate granules which after processed can be used in many applications such as tool handles, writing pens,eyeglass frames and hair ornaments and so on.

We can produce cellulose acetate flake including different viscosity,various degree of substitution and different transmittance according to customer requirements,especially high viscosity to meet demands for hardness.


Our plastic-grade products are FM300,FM-5N,FM-3S