‘People oriented, good-will to the world ----humanistic concern, social responsibility.

‘New material’ is the core value of Acetate Chemical, to innovate technology, to develop new material, to lead green lifestyle, and to promote natural environment.

At the beginning of the establishment, the company has given priority to the environment protection. By adhering to the principle of ‘energy- saving, consumption reduction, and pollution decrease and efficiency promotion ’, the company has invested cleaner production (CP) project, and has reached every requirements of cleaner production.

Since the establishment, the company has invited Jinan Institute of Environment Protection, Shandong University to make Outline of Environment Influence Assessment and Environment Influence Report for cellulose acetate (CA) project, and has been accepted.

The sole of the development is science and technology, whose core point lays on talented people. The Acetate Chemical has consistently taken the mission of public welfare, especially the investment on education, donating to impoverished children and university students every year, and has won the love award from Jiyang Charity Federation and Jinan City Taiwan-founded Enterprise Association for several times.

This is the love of Acetate Chemical, the complement of technical exploration and humanistic concern gather warm and solid power for the future generations.

Everyone is capable (self-confidence), everything is possible (abundant talented personnel).